Spiritual Healing & Purification

A quick Internet search brings up numerous methods of spiritual healing, so it can be difficult to understand which method to practice and what are the causes and symptoms of spiritual problems. In the workshop, we will provide the answers to these questions.

MAV strongly advocates self-healing because only through self-healing can a person become independent and capable of overcoming their spiritual problem permanently without becoming dependent on spiritual healers.

MAV has developed numerous simple, yet effective self-healing techniques that can be utilised to reduce spiritual impurity, increase spiritual purity and to address a wide variety of problems which have spiritual root causes. You will learn and practice more than 15 spiritual healing techniques that can be used to overcome various spiritual problems.

You will also have the valuable opportunity to receive spiritual healing by spending time in the meditation rooms in the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram. These rooms contain large amounts of Divine consciousness and the spiritual healing which one receives in these rooms occurs at a higher level.

In addition, you will learn techniques that purify the home and increase positive energy. Increasing the positive energy in one’s home increases the effectiveness of one’s spiritual practice and reduces obstacles to it.