Unique Knowledge about the Spiritual Dimension

You will learn about ground-breaking research into the spiritual dimension that has been acknowledged by the international scientific community.

In the workshop, we will present examples of research conducted over the course of 30 years that cover numerous aspects of the spiritual dimension such as different planes of existence, positive and negative subtle entities, spiritual phenomena that defy any physical explanation and subtle vibrations. Here is some of what you will be able to learn and experience :

  • Presenting the spiritual dimension with the help of modern science - MAV has utilised various types of scientific equipment such as the Universal Aura Scanner (UAS), the Electrosomatographic Scanning Technique (DDFAO) and Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) to study the spiritual dimension in a quantifiable manner. Research using this equipment will be presented to you in the workshop.
  • Research presented at scientific conferences worldwide - You will have the opportunity to go through MAV’s research that has been presented and lauded at scientific conferences around the world. This research studies numerous topics from the point of view of spiritual vibrations through experiments. The topics include art, music, the vibrations of soil and water from different parts of the world and many others.
  • Spiritual art giving an unparalleled glimpse into an unknown world - There are spiritual artists at MAV who are able to perceive the spiritual dimension through the medium of their advanced level of sixth sense and present what they perceive visually through drawings. Their drawings will be exhibited during the workshop.
  • Experience the spiritual dimension and develop your sixth sense - You will also have a chance to participate in spiritual experiments that will give you firsthand experience of the spiritual dimension and allow you to test and train your sixth sense.
  • A spiritual museum like no other - You will be able to visit a one of a kind museum showcasing both positive and negative aspects of the spiritual dimension, with spiritual phenomena that have observable physical effects.
  • Real video footage - MAV has over 15,000 hours of spiritual phenomena caught on tape, and samples of video footage will be shown during the workshop.