Comprehensive Inner Transformation

Regardless of which spiritual path one follows, reducing ego and personality defects such as fear, anger, pride, self-centeredness and emotionalism is necessary to kindle and sustain spiritual growth. This is because ego and personality defects become the greatest stumbling blocks in one’s spiritual growth.

For this reason, in the workshop, you will learn practically about the Personality Defect Removal process (PDR). This process has been pioneered by His Holiness Dr Athavale, a highly spiritually evolved person, who also has a strong research background in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Most self-improvement methods target only the conscious mind and they tend to be generalised so their effects are limited. The PDR process, on the other hand, targets the subconscious mind directly and it is completely individualised. This makes it exceptionally effective, enabling you to achieve deep and lasting positive changes in your personality. Thousands have implemented this process and experienced noticeable positive changes in their personalities. For example, a lazy person can become hard-working, an angry person can become calm and a selfish person can become selfless and focused on the well-being of others.

You will also be introduced to the ego removal process, a systematic process by which one can reduce ego. While it is often said that it is important to reduce ego to grow spiritually, most are unclear about what steps to take to actually do so. You will receive step-by-step guidance on how to implement this process to achieve significant reductions in ego, enabling you to experience spiritual growth and Bliss.