Individualised Guidance for Fast Spiritual Growth

MAV has integrated the best aspects from various spiritual paths to create a path that is ideal for making fast spiritual progress. In the workshop you will learn the 8 steps of spiritual practice as per this path. What is unique about these practices is that all of them can be practiced while living a day-to-day life. There is no limitation in terms of time and space and the steps can be practiced at any place and at any time.

Every individual has their own spiritual path, so no generic guidance can be applied to everyone. This is why group sizes for MAV workshops are kept small with a maximum of 20 participants. Our ratio of one counsellor per 2-3 attendees makes it possible for each attendee to receive personalised guidance.

In addition, each participant will receive guidance on how to practice Spirituality in a way that is best suited to them as per their qualities and temperament.