Learn about your Ashram stay

Ashram is a place where seekers desirous of spiritual growth reside temporarily or permanently, with a common aim to perform focused spiritual practice and spiritual service. It is a unique place full of positivity and spiritual purity, where spiritual growth and inner change can occur in a faster way. You will have the chance to benefit from staying in an Ashram environment amongst other spiritual seekers. Here are some highlights of the stay :

  • Location - The Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram is located in a peaceful, Holy part of India that is dotted with hills and forests. The idyllic, natural setting is the ideal environment to turn one’s mind inward to seek inner Bliss and transformation.
  • A high degree of spiritual purity - The Ashram is kept both physically and spiritually pure with daily cleaning, use of spiritually pure colours, regular spiritual purification of the premises, vegetarian meals and the selfless spiritual practice of seekers done without expectation of material gain which further amplify the positivity. The Ashram is also built as per the principles of Vastushastra, an ancient science that guides how to build a premises to maximise its spiritual positivity.
  • Living as a part of a spiritual family - Experience how it is to live with other seekers. Take the benefit of learning from their experiences and spiritual journeys while dining with them or at other times. You will have a room that you will share with another attendee of the workshop. This is so that more closeness can develop between seekers and you can have spiritual conversations with each other.
  • Experience of spiritual service - Witness how the various forms of service done in the Ashram by the seekers are completed efficiently with planning and dedication. Take the opportunity to participate in service at the ashram and experience the learnings, inner happiness, spiritual emotion or Bliss which comes as a result.
  • Meditation temple room - Attendees can take the benefit of the meditation temple room during breaks to do their daily chanting and receive spiritual healing and increased positivity.
  • Spiritually pure food - 3 vegetarian meals a day charged with spiritual positivity, which are cooked by seekers as a part of their spiritual practice.
  • Facilities - Free Wi-Fi and laundry facilities are available. A laptop with an internet connection can also be provided upon request.
Affordable Registration Fees

MAV holds its 5-Day spiritual workshops to guide those who are sincere about making spiritual growth on their spiritual journeys. Neither MAV nor any of the spiritual aspirants volunteering on its behalf are holding or volunteering for these workshops for any monetary gain. As such, the registration fees associated with the workshop are minimal and mainly cover the costs of one’s stay. The below are included in the 14,400 INR (approximately 200 EUR / 220 USD) fee :

  • Pickup from and transport to the airport
  • 7 days of room & board
  • Course fees
  • 4 vegetarian meals a day
  • Access to Wi-Fi
  • Laundry facilities