Wasting time on screen ? Spiritual Time Management for You


About this Event

If you are interested in maximizing your time for personal development, this course series may be what you are looking for !

Attend our fourth course to immerse yourself in a guided healing session followed by a hands on planning session where you will actively learn how to reduce time wastage and manage daily activities to gain precious time for personal growth. Studies show that a lot of time gets wasted on the Internet, videos, TV shows, video games and social media. In this workshop, we will provide effective techniques to reduce these habits. We will also present some of our research regarding how social media and video games impact our aura and positivity.

Session Schedule:

  • Introduction - 5 min

  • Guided self-healing session - 15 min

  • Spiritual time management for you - 1 hr 40 min

  • Spiritual research on the impact of social media and video games on our aura - 45 min

  • Questions & Answers and Conclusion - 15 min


Admission to the online course is by donation. You will be emailed the instructions on how to join the online course held on Zoom by our organizing team shortly after your registration.

If you are unable to make a donation to register for this course, due to some reason like not having a paypal account or an international credit card, please contact us at the workshop email ID.

Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

* SSRF reserves the right to remove any attendee disrupting the workshop.

Key Instructors

Kristen Hardy

Kristen Hardy is from Canada, and has been doing spiritual practice under the guidance of SSRF since 2009. She holds an honours BA from the University of Guelph, and a yoga teacher certificate from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram in Kerala, India. Though she tried many different spiritual paths and healing techniques, it was not until she started doing spiritual practice with SSRF that she noticed big and lasting changes in herself. Kristen dedicates all her free time to conducting spiritual meetings and workshops in Canada, the USA and India as well as guiding seekers around the world through SSRF’s social media pages.

Silvia Vizcarra

Mrs. Silvia Vizcarra is a seeker from La Paz, Bolivia who from her early years was in pursuit of inner bliss. She is an economist with a graduate degree in Environment and Development from the University of Edinburgh, UK. The year 2009 marked a turning point in her life when her brother introduced her to SSRF’s Divine Knowledge. By starting spiritual practice, she realized that society’s progress and well-being can only be achieved through Spirituality; hence, she became more serious about her spiritual efforts. Later on, she had spiritual experiences and experienced positive changes that increased her faith and inspired her to help others in their spiritual journeys. Being blessed with a family of seekers of God and leading a married life, Silvia devotes her time to spread Spirituality in Latin America by conducting spiritual meetings, workshops and lectures. She has a helping nature and love for others, and is eager to meet new seekers.

Registration Fees

By Donation

Date and Time

  • Sun, 29 Aug 2021

    • Sun, 19:00 UTC
    • Sun, 12:00 Los Angeles
    • Sun, 15:00 New York
    • Sun, 20:00 London
    • Sun, 21:00 Paris
    • Mon, 00:30 Mumbai
    • Mon, 03:00 Singapore
    • Mon, 05:00 Sydney


Wasting time on screen ? Spiritual Time Management for You

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