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The Art of Journaling & Self-Hypnotherapy for Stress Relief


About this Event

Are you looking to reduce your stress or heal from trauma but don't have the time or money for elaborate techniques or getaway retreats ? With the busy lifestyle, limited resources and stressful situations, it is but natural.

Journaling done right can help you discover the root of your counterproductive thoughts or behaviours, and self-hypnotherapy can help you heal from it, lastingly reducing stress, worries, anxiety, insecurity, anger and trauma.

Give yourself a small (2-hour) spiritual break with this online Sunday workshop, where trained spiritual practitioners will help you experience the power of journaling and self-hypnotherapy that take only a few minutes.

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Registration: By Donation - Minimum $10 USD

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Key Instructors

Kristen Hardy

Kristen Hardy is from Canada, and has been doing spiritual practice under the guidance of SSRF since 2009. She holds an honours BA from the University of Guelph, and a yoga teacher certificate from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram in Kerala, India. Though she tried many different spiritual paths and healing techniques, it was not until she started doing spiritual practice with SSRF that she noticed big and lasting changes in herself. Kristen dedicates all her free time to conducting spiritual meetings and workshops in Canada, the USA and India as well as guiding seekers around the world through SSRF’s social media pages.

Sameer Sangha

Sameer Sangha is from Vancouver, Canada. Sameer found relief from lifelong eczema and food allergies by practicing the spiritual healing methods given on the SSRF website. As he continued with his spiritual practice, Sameer experienced many more benefits. He began to feel a sense of inner peace, problems in his life started reducing, and he found a purpose in his life and wants to help others to also experience the same through spiritual workshops he conducts in North America and India.

Registration Fees

By Donation

Date and Time

  • Sun, 16 Jun 2024

    • Sun, 15:00 UTC
    • Sun, 08:00 Los Angeles
    • Sun, 11:00 New York
    • Sun, 16:00 London
    • Sun, 17:00 Paris
    • Sun, 20:30 Mumbai
    • Sun, 23:00 Singapore
    • Mon, 01:00 Sydney


The Art of Journaling & Self-Hypnotherapy for Stress Relief


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