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Looking for more in your spiritual journey? Our online spiritual meetings (satsangs) may be what you are looking for. By joining, you will benefit from spiritual guidance suited to your individual needs and can ask any questions you have on Spirituality.

These spiritual meetings (satsangs) are conducted over the weekends at convenient timings across different time zones. Once you have attended this spiritual meeting, we can put you in touch with our satsang conductors from different regions so that you can then attend a free weekly online spiritual meeting which is most suitable for you.

This spiritual meeting is conducted over Google Meet. You will receive a URL in your email upon your registration, which you can click on to join the satsang at the scheduled time.

Key Instructors

Dragana Kislovski

Dragana Kislovski is from Belgrade, Serbia and is a disciple of His Holiness Dr. Athavale, a Saint and Spiritual Master from India. In her professional life, she was responsible for organizing and managing large international prestigious events for over 25 years, including 2 Olympic Games. Since the year 2000, she has dedicated her life to spiritual practice and has lived in the SSRF Spiritual Research Center and Ashram on and off for several years.

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Date and Time

  • Sun, 25 Feb 2024

    • Sun, 16:00 UTC
    • Sun, 08:00 Los Angeles
    • Sun, 11:00 New York
    • Sun, 16:00 London
    • Sun, 17:00 Paris
    • Sun, 21:30 Mumbai
    • Mon, 00:00 Singapore
    • Mon, 03:00 Sydney


Welcome to SSRF - Spiritual Meeting online

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