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Do you have questions about Spirituality or spiritual practice that have been left unanswered? Join His Holiness Dejan Glescic for our upcoming event where you can ask your questions live on YouTube and Facebook 


Key Instructors

His Holiness Dejan Glescic

Spiritual Master Dejan Glescic is from Serbia and had a successful career as an International Corporate Executive for strategy, marketing and development in the banking industry. He started his spiritual practice in 1999 under the guidance of His Holiness Dr Athavale. He did his spiritual practice in parallel to his career until 2015 when he decided to dedicate himself completely to spirituality. He spent the next 7 years in spiritual centres (ashrams) in India and Europe, receiving guidance, studying spirituality and practising different techniques. This helped him grow spiritually and gain deeper knowledge through which he can guide and help others. In 2020, he reached Sainthood. He currently oversees the activities of the SSRF (Spiritual Science Research Foundation) around the world and travels throughout Latin America and Europe to spread spirituality. In the last 2 years, he has met hundreds of people by giving more than 120 lectures in 80 cities in 25 countries.

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Date and Time

  • Sun, 10 Dec 2023

    • Sun, 15:00 UTC
    • Sun, 07:00 Los Angeles
    • Sun, 10:00 New York
    • Sun, 15:00 London
    • Sun, 16:00 Paris
    • Sun, 20:30 Mumbai
    • Sun, 23:00 Singapore
    • Mon, 02:00 Sydney


Ask Your Questions on Spirituality - Join Us Live

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