Group Chanting, Meditation & Healing Session with the Guru


About this Event

Join us in a live collective group chanting and healing session with a Guru, where we will collectively chant a name of God or Mantra that helps to increase positivity within ourselves to protect us in this current situation.

YouTube Live Link : https://youtu.be/HLdh_C6cJxA

Key Instructors

His Holiness Rendy Ekarantio

His Holiness Rendy Ekarantio is from Jakarta, Indonesia. Since he started spiritual practice in 2011, his defining trait has been his humility. His Guru, H.H. Dr Athavale once said that “No one is humble like Rendy.” Initially, he was a shy and reserved person, but he made sincere efforts to overcome this through his spiritual practice. He has united SSRF seekers in Indonesia and developed numerous seekers in their spiritual journeys and he is an example of ideal spiritual leadership.

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Date and Time

  • Thu, 29 Oct 2020

    • Fri, 00:00 UTC
    • Thu, 17:00 Los Angeles
    • Thu, 20:00 New York
    • Fri, 00:00 London
    • Fri, 01:00 Paris
    • Fri, 05:30 Mumbai
    • Fri, 08:00 Singapore
    • Fri, 11:00 Sydney


Group Chanting, Meditation & Healing Session with the Guru

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