H. H. Bhavna Shinde

Her Holiness Bhavna Shinde Hurley started spiritual practice in 1999 under the guidance of SSRF and His Holiness Dr Athavale.

For the most part of her spiritual journey, she has also worked in the IT industry in the USA as a computer engineer with a Masters in Business Administration, while looking after her son and family.

Ever since she was a child, the lives of Saints such as Tukaram and Mirabai held a special place in her heart and she yearned to be like them. In 2015 she achieved a milestone in that direction when His Holiness Dr Athavale announced that she had attained the state of Sainthood.

Yet her journey to Sainthood has not been easy. H.H. Bhavna has had to overcome many hardships in her life. Her spiritual journey is a testimony to the fact that one can become a Saint despite severe destiny and distress, by doing spiritual practice as per the basic principles of Spirituality.

It was only because of her intense desire to go to God that she turned each difficulty into an opportunity for spiritual growth and surrender to God.

It is because of H.H. Bhavna’s motherly love for seekers and her personal experience, that she is able to accurately guide seekers in a way that they easily imbibe the guidance.

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